Pip is a contemporary Australian artist.

About Orang |

Happy Orang is an interactive up-scale version of a wind up drumming gorilla toy, standing two metres tall. This piece plays with the idea of spontaneous collaboration between the viewer and the work. I was interested in taking a familiar ready made object, such as a toy, and through the use of scale and mechanical engineering turning it into something very unfamiliar, absurd and ridiculously menacing. Happy Orang is fitted with a motion sensor and begins drumming upon the audiences approach.



Pip Ryan’s practice explores themes that surround the uncanny and absurd, using drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video. Referencing humour and themes of horror within her practice, she is interested in how these two states of consciousness overlap.

Ryan often uses colour and humour to explore themes that are often dark and surreal. Ryan completed her Master of Fine Arts (research) at Victorian College of the Arts with the assistance of Australian Post Graduate Award. Ryan is an Australian artist based in Melbourne.


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