Private Archeology.

Richard Stringer’s Private Archaeology – that is, the relics and fossils of the artists’ mind buried over time – will be given an airing and on display in Carlisle Street Arts Space from 19 September to 17 October 2018.

Recent sculptures will be presented alongside paintings by Deborah Walker, and the pairing promises to provide spectators with an unearthly experience. Walker’s paintings have more than a little mystery to them: her scenes present figures, objects and actions of an incongruous nature, somehow simultaneously strange and familiar. Stringer’s life-sized imaginings confront one like set pieces from a Tarkovksy film: highly finished, perfected oddities.

Previous works of Richard Stringer’s include the super-size golden Bees that crawl around the outside of the Eureka Tower (Southbank).

This is a show to be anticipated!