Anna is an award winning Australian contemporary multimedia artist. Her visually poetic work investigates the connection between humans and nature, land and place, the physical and the ephemeral.

image: ‘George Stubbs’ 1773, Inflatable Dingo’, Ink, watercolour & pencil on Arches paper, 66cm x 102cm.

George Stubbs, the renowned British animal painter of the 18th century was commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks to create a painting of a dingo without ever seeing one. He was given a pelt which he inflated as his model to create ‘Portrait of a Large Dog’ (Dingo).  

My reimagining of Stubbs work incorporates his peculiar silhouette of the dingo and a menagerie of his reference material. I am drawn to this time in colonial history where depictions of unfamiliar fauna were often strange and curious, intrigued by natural history exploration and discovery where new creatures existed just beyond the horizon.

Note: this work was a finalist in the 2019 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize

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Award winning Australian artist, Anna Glynn creates visually poetic work investigating the connection between humans and nature, land and place, the physical and the ephemeral. Her diversified art practice incorporates: multimedia, painting, drawing, film making, moving image, animation, sculpture, installation, photography, writing, music, sound and live performance.

Nature, history, ecology and the environment are essential elements of her practice and integral to her work with curiosity being a key component and driver. Her international interdisciplinary art and science collaborations explore landscape and nature to create site-responsive artworks examining the amplified response that a physical engagement with the natural environment evokes.


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