“My art practice is focused on the connection between women and animals as they travel ; wildlife aesthetic, human animal relations and animal ethics in the Anthropocene in the context of the stray.”
“I stray in order to be”

– Julia Kristeva



We are all Travellers despite Beaudelaire’s claim that the true traveller is driven solely by their impulse to move on (pour Partir), most travel with the intent to arrive. Some of us explore daunting landscapes in search of knowledge or seeking spiritual awareness in the solitude of such vast spaces. Others may journey the mind to find further intellectual or spiritual depths. In societies of many traditional travellers of both kinds, has a long history, as have religious pilgrimages to places of sacred associations and Power. (Dessaix 2000)

I have created and developed pixel art characters and objects, situating them in the Katherine Big Rivers Region of the Northern Territory where I am currently a practicing artist. In the unique landscape of Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge) a place of immense spiritual significance, I platform my animation in the onset of the wet season (November to March) characterised by higher humidity, monsoonal rains and tropical storms. I platform my “Quoll Girl and an endangered young northern Quoll in this nocturnal, perfumed zone, giddy with fragrance they search for food and shelter.


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