Dining with Art Series #2

Marnie Haddad sets the table

Each week, for 6 weeks, we invite an artists into the FLETCHER ARTS Gallery, to set the dining table.
The next artist in this series to set our table is the extremely talented photographer, Marnie Haddad.
What can we say, the beautiful table Marnie has set is a visual feast.
Marnie’s collectable works can be viewed upon request

email sarahhook@me.com or come and see in the flesh!

view by appointment

“The setting sun, orange light flooding the kitchen, hitting the bubbling pots.
Chatting, stirring, laughing, busy.
Plates clinking, glasses, cutlery, the dinner setting is emerging to invite conversation and stories we share of our day.
Sit in you’re chair, the table is set.”

Marnie Haddad