Drasko Boljevic

As a multidisciplinary artist I like to explore the limits of possibilities, playing with size, scale and perspective… I like to question what is real. My work tends to include a commentary on current issues, without leaving out a sense of play and humour.

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Drasko Boljevic has an extensive career as an artist working in a variety of mediums. A Victorian Collage of the Arts graduate (Batchelor of Fine Art, 1998 & Master of Contemporary Art-Painting, 2012), he started his studies training as a sculpter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (former Yugoslavia). His art practice, which includes, among other forms, sculpture, painting, installation, stencil art and photography, strikes an unusual balance between classically trained skill and contemporary innovation. A part of the melbourne art scene for almost 3 decades, Drasko has a long exhibiting history and his work has attracted recognition both locally and internationally.


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