Fletcher Arts invites you to the opening of


Tales and Play from an Upside-Down World.
The changing face of Australian Art.

A GROUP SHOW: Saturday 22nd May to 5th June

  • Drasko Boljevic + Eleonor Palacio
  • Wayne Fogden
  • Anna Glynn
  • Carlo Golin
  • Valerie Sparks
  • Minaal Lawn
  • Kim Shannahan
  • Peter Watts
  • Sai-Wai Foo

Antipodean Wonderland

Words By Eleonor Palacio for Fletcher Arts.

Touching the unruly stillness of a new day, they woke from a deep dream of far-away shores.

Celestial freshness circled up above and the wind dispersed red desert dust as the currents of their pasts ran down the mountain, eternal and wise. In a game of reverse hopscotch, they stretched their limbs from the sky across the seas. And next, their stone touched the ground, softly crushing to reveal the surrounding sound of sentient rocks waving the air in an oneiric swaying of never heard notes.

Intertwined in hide and seek, there are always places from where to feel, that the orange of this sunset tells the tales of make-believe. Uncertain of their course, they journeyed further on, for some moments gazing back, like Orpheus time before, but for once they forget Eurydice when discover themselves flying firmly on the colours of the land.

Dazzled by the approaching night, they wink a wonder glance at the waving soft grasses swirling through the fields. And it is so that they fall asleep, awaiting the stars, in the dry misty reflection of the dew in this place yet to be seen.