Jane Reynolds

Jane Reynolds is a still life painter whose poised compositions investigate the relationships between colour, form and light. A consummate colourist, Reynolds revels in chromatic clashes and visually satisfying progressions, investing everyday objects with vibrance and visual delight. She paints these objects with stunning realism and places them into highly orchestrated groups, inventing arrangements that strike a balance between restraint and play. Through this, she gravitates towards abstraction, exploring still life as an interlocking system of formal elements.



Jane Reynolds is a New Zealand-born, Sydney-based, still life painter who commenced a full-time artistic practice in 2020, placing second in the Belle ArtStart Prize for Emerging Artists. Since then she has been selected as a finalist in numerous art prizes and mounted two solo exhibitions. Reynolds’ has a 20 year career background in traditional animation and visual effects, training in technical sleight-of-hand to create lifelike spaces through colour and light. Influenced by architectural design and hard-edge abstraction, Reynolds explores the optical play between flat plane and sculptural illusion.


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