What we do

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    Fletcher Arts works with some of Australia's most exciting emerging, and established artists, and have special access to their works.

Art sourcing and curation

Sarah seamlessly combines art expertise, business acumen, and a client-focused approach to create meaningful art experiences for buyers and collectors.


“My job is to understand how the client ticks, give choices and then step aside while they sit with it,” she says."- Luxury Magazine 2024 words Hayley Kurnow

Each Space is unique. When considering artworks for a space, whether adding to a collection or advising on a new one, Sarah considers first the clients vision, including budget, aesthetic expectations and quality expectations. 

Exploring  the connection between the art and the landscape, with a focus on natural light, negative and positive space.


Sarah has direct access to a large networks of exciting emerging, established and highly collectable contemporary artists, ensuring the right artwork finds the right space. 

Organisation and logistics:

  • Managing artist - client relations
  • Transpost 
  • Framing
  • Instalment
  • Conservation

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